How to make chicken satay malaysian style

How to make chicken satay malaysian style

Hello, everyone! Here is a post that talks about how to make chicken satay Malaysian style. This meal is pretty easy and delicious, especially if you use an affordable recipe for this dish. You can see how quickly it’s prepared in the video below. And we are sharing some tips and tricks to get the ultimate experience of cooking satay chicken with Malaysians. It’s one of our best meals! If you know what to cook or eat better, you can try making a good version of the above-mentioned dish anytime. You might be surprised by your taste buds after trying out the food! 😉

Chicken satay is one of my favorite dishes to prepare with Malaysians. If you want to learn and watch another amazing Malaysian cuisine, I recommend watching “The Ultimate Malaysia Cuisine” by Rachael Ray or visit her blog. Subscribe here to receive more videos and recipes that will help you create and improve your own dish or eat something different every week!

What Is The Best Way To Prepare Chicken Satay? (Easy Recipe)

First of all, let me tell you the most important thing before you start preparing this type of meal. First things first, always choose the meat. Of course, there are other ways to cook this chicken but that is for another article. Basically, the main point to concentrate on when cooking this dish is on seasoning. There are two types of spices in this dish: dry and wet. Dry spices like cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, etc., can easily get lost in water or not fully dissolved. On the other hand, wet spices such as chilli paste, garlic oil can be easily soaked and absorb into the pan easily. Choose the right kind of spices. Once the preparation time comes, stir everything thoroughly and let the flavors blend into each other. When it’s done, serve the whole bowl or plate with rice. In general, this is the easiest way for Malaysians to prepare this Asian-style chicken dish. Let’s move forward now.

Ingredients Needed For Cooking A Fried Version Of This Dish

Chicken – 100g Cooked / Cooked with Bone/Beef Fat Chicken Breasts (without skin) – 1 large pieces 1 small piece Boneless Breast Strips – 4 small strips Peas – 1 medium potato cut into cubes 5–6 cups Fish Sauce Salt + White Sugar – 2 tbsp Curry Powder – ½ tsp Sesame Oil Dipping Oil – 6 tbsp Lard (optional) Method Step #1 Ingredients needed: Prepared ingredients Chicken – 100 grams (cooked in 10 minutes) Chicken Breasts – 8 pieces Boneless breast slices (without skin) – 25 pieces Raw Beef Fat – 40 ml Soy sauce Salt + Black Pepper – 1 tablespoon Butter Method Step #3 Add the ingredients to the pressure cooker; Cook pressure cooker 1 minute or until heated up. Stir constantly in the pot. Remove from heat. Transfer the cooked chicken into bowls/plates. Heat frying oil in high heat. Then place the vegetables over fried chicken and add soy sauce (optional). Stir it well to combine and then pour over chicken. Fry for 3/4–5 minutes until golden brown. Serve. Enjoy!

How To Prep Dry Spices For Frying Or Mixing With Coconut & Vegetable Juice (Or Both)?

If you are using dry spices in your dish instead of wet spicy seasonings, just mix them together with coconut water (raw, unsweetened), vegetable juice like tomato and cucumber juice, and lime juice. Keep aside.

Can We Use Red Chillies For Fried Chicken Satay? 👫

Yes, red chili flakes are a great option if you want to use it. Just cut it into thin strips, put them in a blender (or make your own powder at home), and prepare a simple paste by mixing some salt, pepper, and sugar (2 tablespoons of each).

Is It Better To Eat Rice Than Baked Food? 🦁

If you like to save money and eat at home most of the time, eating dry, boiled rice is definitely easier than baking or simmering something in oil. Yes, your bread and pasta at the same time are very much tasty, but you need to put in a fair amount of effort and buy the stuff, so why not? Also, you will save a lot of time and money. Your family will love it!

Can You Store Leftovers For Long Time In Mung Bean Pouches? 🌭

Yes, there are several mung bean pouches you can store and use for a few days. They are made of these beanpods that contain beans and beans paste with some natural flavorings, which helps retain their shape and keeps them fresh for a long time. Don’t worry about losing the shape though. Most people like to eat beans in a nice dish and don’t want to ruin its taste with plastic wraps. So they reuse the pouches. But remember to wash well and clean properly with hot water. That’s all for now!

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